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Women are _____ as likely as men to experience episodes of severe unipolar depression.
two times
_____ is an inability to experience any pleasure at all.
According to the DSM-5, a major depressive episode is a period marked by at least _____ symptoms of depression and lasting for _____ weeks or more.
five; two
According to Peter Lewinsohn, which type of rewards are particularly important in the downward spiral of depression?
social rewards
The cognitive triad is made up of maladaptive thoughts about all EXCEPT:
the past.
_____ is the perception that one has no control over the reinforcements in his or her life.
Learned helplessness
Which stressor is NOT one that the life stress theory designates as playing a role in the development of depression in women?
Women have to give birth to children.
The form of bipolar disorder characterized by episodes of hypomania alternating with major depressive episodes is:
bipolar II disorder.
What is the most commonly seen relationship between the frequency of depressive and manic episodes in a person with bipolar disorder?
The depressive episodes occur three times as often as the manic episodes.
Low _____ activity accompanied by high _____ activity may lead to mania.
serotonin; norepinephrine