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ABC Recording
Recording of behavior of interest- antecedents and consequences temporally sequenced
Anecdotal recording
Method of assessing skill level using descriptions of skills and conditions under which skill is observed
Behavior assessment
Full range of inquiry--interviews, observation & experimental manipulation
Behavioral cusp
Behavior providing access to new environments, reinforcers contingencies
Ecological assessment
Obtains assessment information across multiple settings and persons
Function-based definition
Defines behavior based on effect on the environment
Repertoires changed so reinforcers are maximized and punishers minimized
Pivotal behavior
Trained behavior which may produce modifications in untrained behaviors
Effects of observation & measurement on the behavior
Procedures as culturally normal as possible
Target behaviors for change which are supported in natural environment
Relevance of behavior rule
Important & significant changes in target behavior is a measure of______
Social validity
Target behavior
Response class selected for intervention
Topography-based definition
Behavior defined by form of the behavior