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What The Title of Chapter 3
The First Steps in Expansion
What is the date founded, and seat of Beta chapter
December 20, 1907, Howard University, Washington DC
Who is credited with the establishment of Beta chapter.
JBB 3, JBB 5
What is tap day WITH DETAILS.
On the day assigned the fraternity, clad in blue and white caps, Howard's colors, they marched around the campus headed by the University Band, and lined up upon the campus opposite the students. Then each member of the fraternity left the ranks and sought out the man he had been designated to tap. Taking off the candidate's hat, he was slapped on the shoulder and commanded to retire to the assembly room.
What happened to Tap Day
The report of Tap Day aroused the disapproval of Alpha Chapter and was later discontinued by Beta Chapter.
Who were the first 2 honorary members, and their dates of induction.
George Fletcher, April 26, 1907; Rev. E. U. A. Brooks February 29, 1908
What is the date founded, and seat of Gamma chapter
December 30, 1907, Virginia Union University, Richmond Virginia
Who is credited with the establishment of Gamma chapter.
What is the date founded, and seat of Delta chapter?
April 11, 1908, University of Toronto; Toronto Canada
Who is credited with the establishment of Delta chapter?
How was the report of the establishment of Delta Chapter received?
President Jones' report was at first attacked. It was said that his action was "rash" and "unwarranted" by some, and it was praised by others.
Why did meetings stop at the Young Colored Men's Club
This type of environment was objectionable to the majority of the members, and the rooms of the members afforded more privacy also
What are the dates, host chapter and location of the first convention
December 28, 29, 30, 1908; Main Building, Howard University Campus. The room which was used was on the fourth floor
What was the room of the Convention once used for?
It was once used as the office of the Howard University Journal.
Who opened the first session as chair?
BB George Lyle
Who was the presiding officer at the convention
Why did the 1st General President come from Beta Chapter
The Alpha delegates, realizing that the fraternity would grow more rapidly if the chief general officer was located nearer to the larger number of black students, yielded to this suggestion and accepted the second place upon the list of general officers
Who were the first general officers.
Moses A Morrison, President;
JBB 1, Vice President
S. S. Booker, Secretary,
Roscoe C. Giles , Tresurer