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A User has recently moved to a new location.... he wants to know how to switch his desktop computer from 110V to 220V. What should you tell him to do?
Slide the power supply on the back of the computer to the appropriate voltage.
What are two things to keep in mind when you are going to buy a new suitable motherboard?
Physical size and Power Supply
If your Digital camer requires FireWire interface what type of port should you use to connect the digital Camera to your computer?
IEEE 1394
Your Hard drive has failed and you buy a new one. What should you do first?
Change the Hard drive configuration settings in the computers BIOS.
You have internal and external devices on a SCSI chain. They are all Fast SCSI-2 devices.... what kind of terminators do you need for the SCSI bus?
Place and active terminator on both end devices on the chain.
Computer will boot with a bootable disk but will not boot without it... what can be wrong? (two things)
Bad hard disk...
corrupt opperating system
Computer is getting errors with the virtual memory. What can you do yo increase the amount of available virtual memory?
Edit the size of the paging file, click the settings button in the Performance section of the systems properties advanced tab
True or False.... You can clean a Motherboard with a duster as part of preventive maintenance.
CMOS checksum error... what device would you use to measure the voltage of your CMOS battery?
Volt Ohm Meter
Wireless network has intermittent loss of wireless connections.... what could be the causing problem???
Cordless Phones!!!
If you are having problems with startup... and the CMOS settings are good... and you replaced the CMOS battery.... what component should you check first to resolve the problem?
The system board jumper settings.
Upon boot up... the system gives one long beep and one short beep when turned on. Then the computer does not boot up. What should you toubleshoot the problem?
Check the motherboard
What display devices uses TFT technology?
What are some proper ways to remove a PCMCIA card from Portable computer?
----Press the eject button next to the card --------
Stop the card using the Safetly Remove Hardware icon
What does a blinking power indicator light mean on a notebook computer? (on most computers actually)
The notebook computer is in a power-saving mode.
What part of the Liwuid Crystal Display (LCD) provides backlight to the LCD display of a laptop?
The inverter
What wireless technology commonly operates at a distance of 1 meter, 10 meters, or 100 meters and connectes laptops or computers with the latest wireless devices?
What is the easiest way to check the amperage requirements of a laptop?
Look at the battery
What formula can oyu use to find the capacity of the battery of a laptop?
Wattage = Output Voltage x Output Amperage
What is the thing that is responsible for converting AC current to DC current for a laptop?
the power adapter
What tool would you use to measure the voltage supplied by a disk drive power connector?
What setting on the multimeter would you use to test a computers power supply output?
DC Voltage
What setting on the Multimeter would you use to test the output for the UPS?
AC Voltage
Multimeters have various settings to aid you in isolating problems. What multimeter check is always performed with the power to the system turned off?
Resistance check
During what stage of the laser printing process is the toner permanently bonded to the paper?
You are required to print a large number of pages on an inkjet printer in the minimum possible time. What should you do?
Specify low-resolution printing.
What is normaly inclueded in a laser printer's toner cartridge?
A photosensitive drum and an electrostatically charged ink
What occurs during the cleaning phase of laser printing?
The discharge lamp neutralizes the photoreceptor drum.
Your printer is printing fuzzy text with white lines running through it. You need to clean the clogged print head of your inkjet printer. Which two activities can you undertake to immediatly clean the clogged printer head?
1. Power the inkjet printer off and then back on.

2. Run the printer managment utility provided with the printer.
You are connecting a serial inkjet printer that was made in 2000 to your computer. What port could you use for this connection?
What laser printer component protects a fuser from overheating?
a thermal fuse
What is the main purpose of a laser printer's charge (primary) corona?
To apply a uniform negative charge to the photosensitive drum.
What is the function of hte nozzle gate in an inkjet printer?
Controls whether ink is flowing from the ink cartridge
Server properties cannot be viewed.... the print spooler service is not running....
Run the net start spooler command.
What function is privided by a printer duplexer?
double-sided printing
A user is considering purchasing a new printer capable of 1200 dpi. What does this indicate?
Print resolution
What does the DIR D:\MYDOCS\FILECHK.*/S command do?
It locates all the files and directories that have the name FILECHK with any file extension in the MYDOCS directory of the Drive "D", including the subdirectories.
On your first day on the job as an A+ technician, you observe your boss executing the command CHKDSK. Which statement is true to the CHKDSK utility?
It detects and fixes file system errors on a Windows disk.
What does the Recovery Console command CHKDKS do?
Checks the specified drive and repairs problems, if any
What utility would you use to configure the partition as active?
You want to copy the entire file and folder structure from one hard drive to another... what command line tool would you use?
What command should you use on a Windows XP-based computer to compare the contents within two files or sets of files?
What user profiles are supported in windows 2000 professional?
Local and roaming
Where are user profiles saved by default?
C:\Documents and settings
What snap in should you use to add a domain user and computers accounts to Active Directory?
The Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in
What utility do you use to add local user and group accounts to a computer?
Local Users and Groups
How can you create a shortcut to a file from your desktop?
Right-Click the desktop, select new, and then select Shortcut to run the Create Shortcut wizard
When would you advise a user to run the Disk Defragmenter utility?
when the user frequently creates and deletes large files
What type of partitions are bootable?
Active Partitions and Primary Partitions
If you are having problems with startup... and the CMOS settings are good... and you replaced the CMOS battery.... what component should you check first to resolve the problem?
The system board jumper settings.
Upon boot up... the system gives one long beep and one short beep when turned on. Then the computer does not boot up. What should you toubleshoot the problem?
Check the motherboard
What display devices uses TFT technology?
What are some proper ways to remove a PCMCIA card from Portable computer?
----Press the eject button next to the card --------
Stop the card using the Safetly Remove Hardware icon
What does a blinking power indicator light mean on a notebook computer? (on most computers actually)
The notebook computer is in a power-saving mode.
What tool helps increase the disk space and improves the overall performance of hte hard disk drive?
Disk Clean up
What command would you use to partition a hard drive?
What disk utility would you use to create a hard disk volume?
Disk Manager
If you wanted to backup pictures, email and system state what utility would you use?
Backup Utility
A user does alot of work with high end photos and tells you that her computer is really slow... whar tool should you have her use to resolve this issue?
Disk Defragmenter
You want to make a backup of data, including improtant system fiels stored on each client computer, on CD... what should you use to make the backup?
The Backup Utility
You want to backup the entire contents of the registry... what tool would you use?
You want to go into the Automated System Recovery of an XP box. What key would you hit at boot up?
What is a disadvantage of placing the paging file on a separate partition from the boot partition of a Windows XP computer?
Windows would be unable to create a memory dump file in the event of a system crash.
How would you turn OFF (or on) automatic updates for service packs and such?
Click Control Panel, got to System, and click the Automatic Updates tab.
You create a shortcut for a user and it works just fine when you are logged in. You log out and the user tries to access it and can not... what is the most likely cause of the problem?
The users do not have adequate NTFS permissions to run the application.
You are running several applications simultaneously under XP when performance starts to slow down. What can you do to fix the problem without powering off the machine?
Increase the size of hte PAFEFILE.SYS
You have a new employee... and the employee is using a standalone Windows XP computer. What account type should you add the user account to prevent the user from installing any software on the computer?
Limited account
To halt a device and remove it from your computer what should you do? Like a USB?
Safely Remove Hardware
You upgraded your video adapter drivers on your XP computer... and since then it is has been continuously restarting.... what can you do with the least administrative effort to fix the problem?
Restart the computer in Safe Mode.... and Roll Back the video adapter drivers.
New install and the display settings only show 16 colors.... what do you do....
Update the video adapter drivers
XP computer... what key combination should you press to lock the computer?
Windows Icon Key + L
You mount a volume on a Windows 2000 Professional Computer and do not assign a drive letter to the volume. Your System Monitor utility displays the incorrect volume size. What should you do to resolve this problem?
Upgrade Windows 2000 to Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later.
Windows 2000 and XP - How do you configure Explorer so that the files that are currently hidden from view will no longer be hidden?
Click the Tools Menu, and select Folder Options, View, Show hidden files and folders
You copy an encrypted .TCT file from one folder on your Windows 2000 computer to another folder on your computer. The target folder is shared on the network. Now other users are able to open and read the file. What is the most likely reason why the file is no longer encrypted?
The target folder is on a FAT32 partition.
Upon start up you get the Error:

Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Winn_root\System32\Ntoskrnl.exe

You have extracted the NToskrnl.exe file from the XP installation disk and it still does not boot... what do you do to fix the problem?
Change the partition path in BOOT.INI file

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

Create a new BOOT.INI file
User is having trouble connecting to network resources, including shared folders on the locak network and internet resources. Yeasterday he was able to connect with no problems. You need to ensure that he can connect to these resources. What tool should you use first?
You have a computer that cannot connect to the internet. The computer can pin other computers on the subnet and the default gateway. Other users report their computers cannot ping the FTP site at! What do you do to fix the problem?
Reset the router.
You work for a company whose network contains several subnets. You move your computer from the Development subnet to the Research subnet, which resides in a different building. You turn on the computer and attempt to connect to a computer named COMP5 on the Development subnet, but you are unable to do so. However, you can connect to all the other computers on the Research subnet, and Research computers can connect to COMP5 on the Development subnet.... What would explain the comminications problem?
an incorrect default gateway.
A user named Bill calls and reports that he is unable to connect to a file server on your 10BaseT network, although he is able to connect to folders on other computers. A single hub exists on the network. What hardware problems should you investigate (name two)
A defective hub----
A defective NIC in the file server
A Windows 2000 client cannot connect to the Internet or any network resources. However, other computers on the same subnet as the client can access network resources and the Internet. You issue the ipconfig command at the workstation and find that the IP address assigned to the system's network adapter is and its subnet mask This IP network and subnet are different from the IP network and subnet that other computers on the same segment are using......... What is most likely the problem?
The client selected the IP address using APIPA.
You are unable to access your company's Web site using its fully qualified domain name (FQDN). However if you use the IP address of the Web site, you can access the home page. What may be the cause of this problem?
The Domain Name System (DNS) server is down.
Users are reporting trouble accessing resources on your network. When you investigate the problem, you discover that many computers have IP addresses in the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) range. What device is likely causing the problems?
DHCP server
A user reports that he cannot access network resources from his computer. He was able to access the resources yeasterday..... you troubleshoot and find that his computer is issues an APIPA address. What can be the problem?
The DHCP server is down
IEEE wireless specifications use OFDM encoding... what are some?
What is meant by the term full duplex?
Communication can be sent and received at the same time.
Which Ethernet standard specifies a data transfer rate of 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps)?
You are setting up an 802.11a wireless network in an office environment that includes three (3) wireless access points. The wireless access points are at least 15 meters apart and are configured for automatic channel setting. Each time you turn the wireless access points on, the wireless access points chooset he same channel. You need to ensure that the access points choose separate channels to prevent interference, using the least amount of administrative effort. What should you do?
Start each wireless access point at a separate time.
Which device can cause interference with 802.11b 2.4-GHz WLANs?
Microwave ovens
When designing 802.11a WLANs, how many non-overlapping channels can be used in a single cell?
eight (8)
How many non-overlapping channels are there in 802.11b WLANs?
three (3)
What is a retrovirus?
a virus that attacks or bypasses anti-virus software.
Which type of virus includes protective code that prevents examination of its critical elements?
armored virus
Define a multipart virus...
A multipart virus can infect both executable files and boot sectors of hard disk drives
What platform-independent virus is written in an application's own language and is capable of infecting any files using the language?
macro virus
What are the two MOST common types of BIOS passwords that can be set to restrict access to a computer and to protect the CMOS settings within the BIOS?
User Password - Supervisor password
What works with BitLocker to encrypt the contents of a Windows Vista Computer?
What happens when you copy a compressed file to an uncompressed folder on the same NTFS volume?
The new version of the file is uncompressed, but the original file wil compressed.
You are viewing the Security tab of a file's Properties dialog box. Several of the permissions check boxes are shaded. What does this indicate?
The permission is inherited from the parent folder.
Which Microsoft operating system was the first to implement user account control(UAC)?
Windows Vista
What is authentication?
Determining the identity of users
Which Windows Vista component encrypts an entire volume wiht 128-bit encryption to prevent information from being read if the drive is lost or stolen?
Your organization is concerned with unauthorized users downloading confidential data to removable media. You decide to encrypt the confidential data using the operating system's encryption feature. What does this ensure.
The data is protected while it is on the original media only.
What command displays command like help for the attrib command?
attrib /?
A user must have a parallel printer. However, the printer will not connect oth the users's computer because the computer does not have an available parallel port. Two USB ports are available. What should the user do?
Obtain a USB-to-parallel adapter.
What command would you run to determine the default gateway address is properly configured?
ipconfig /all
You are building a computer from component parts. You install an Enhanced Integrated Drive Eelectronics (EIDE) hard disk wiht a capacity of 5 gigabytes(GB), but the computer reports a disk capacity for only 504 megabytes(MB). What action is most likley to allow you access to the full capacity of the hard disk?
Upgrade the computer's BIOS