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Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a
report. To display the report as it would
appear online, which view should she use?
Web Layout
What is the name of the view that provides
data about documents and contains a set of
commands to help a user manage
Hal and Alice have both made changes
separately to the Biology lab report that
they created together. They need to turn in
one final version to their teacher. Which
Word tool could they use to easily create a
single final report that includes both of
their changes?
In Slide Sorter view, which method is used
to change slide order?
Drag and drop to new location
How do users switch from one ribbon to
another in Word 2010?
Click the tab of the ribbon they wish to
Ivan needs to send a letter to all of his
customers. He wants to add the customer's
names and addresses to the letter. What
should he insert?
Merge Fields
Jordan inserted an image from his USB
Drive into his science report. What did he
Where is the command to insert a new table
into a Word 2010 document?
Insert Ribbon, Tables group
Which bar presents information about a
document, the progress of current tasks,
and the status of certain commands and
keys, and also provides controls for viewing
the document?
Sam wants to organize the data for his
research paper. Which method would allow
him to create a table with rows and columns
of varying sizes?
Draw Table
In a Word 2010 document, what is the
amount of space that appears between
paragraphs called?
Paragraph spacing
Travis wants to give his audience a sheet to
follow along and make notes during his
presentation that includes representations
of each slide. Travis should utilize which
feature of PowerPoint?
Kim inserted a rectangular shape into her
Word document. She wanted the shape to
transition from one color to another. Which
shape fill option should she use?
Charles has several slides in his
presentation which are either smaller or
larger than the paper size in the printer.
Which print option should he use to ensure
that each slide utilizes the maximum print
Scale to Fit Paper
Sally has a field in her data source called
First. Which option should she choose to
communicate to Mail Merge that First is
the same as First name?
Match Fields
What is the amount of vertical space
between the lines of text in a paragraph
Line spacing
Which print setting enables multiple slides
to be printed on one page?