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What is happening to breast feeding rates?
they are increasing
What does the AAP and ADA recommend for breast feeding?
at least 12 months
What did the US dept. of health and human services find about breastfeeding and women?
mothers were angry, breastfeeding and formula is not equal
How much does infant formula cost?
300 a month
What do infants that are breastfead have less of?
ear infectsions and diarrhea and respiratory illnesses
How much could breastfeeding save in health care costs for ear infections?
600 million
How much more are artificially fed infants prone to sids?
3 to 5 times more
Allergies and breastfeeding?
non breast fed babies have more allergies
Diabetes and breast feeding?
formula fed infants are more likely to get type 1 diabetes
Forumale fed are fatter
Breastfeeding and long term health?
breastfeeding has effect on long term cardiovascular health
Breastfeeding benefits to mother?
reduces risk of cancer
How much more likely were women who didn’t breast feed to develop osteoporosis?
4 times
What is the breastfeeding initiative?
mother to moher peer counseling program, serving low income motehrs
What is infant formula made of?
cows milk, lower in iron and vit c
What are some infant forumual choices?
iron fortified, hypoallergenic, soy-based
when can an infant have cows milk?
not till 1 year of age
When can oyu start to feed an infant something other than breastmilk?
6 months start with ceral, other foods, watch for allergies
What can you do at 8-10 months?
begin yogurt, slowly introduce other foods like meat, cheese, eggs
What can you do at 10-12 months?
the diet can be more like a childs but still with tit milk
What do you want to avoid until 9 to 12 months?
What should you do when introducing new foods?
3 rejections, Don’t coerce to eat the food, try for 10 days,