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Articles of Confederation
America’s first constitution, created the Confederation Congress
Edmund Randolph
introduced the Virginia Plan
Legislative Branch
Lawmaking branch of the gov’t
Executive Branch
enforces laws
Judicial Branch
our court system
John Locke
Enlightenment thinker and writer
Northwest Ordinance
law helped stop spread of slavery to the West
Roger Sherman
suggested the Great Compromise
a government in which citizens rule through elected officials
George Washington
was the presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention
Federal System
where the final authority is the Constitution and where division of powers between the national government and the states are practiced
Checks and Balances
keeps one branch of government from gaining too much power
supporters of the new constitution
against the new constitution, wanted smaller government
Shay’s Rebellion
movement of angry farmers
Electoral College
presidential electors
Bill of Rights
protects individual rights, copied from British Bill of Rights
Great Compromise
product of grand committee, used Virginia Plan and New Jersey plan to come up with a bicameral legislature that most states would agree with
Bicameral Legislature
legislature with two houses and was adopted by most states
period of time when economic activity slows and unemployment increases much like after the Revolutionary War in the United States
Federalists Papers
book of essays explaining and supporting the Constitution
Separation of Powers
most distinctive feature of the United States Gov’t making sure no one branch of government gets too much power
13 states
How many states needed to approve of the Articles of Confederation in order for it to become the document that set up our government?
9 states
How many states did Congress need to pass a law?
The Constitution
Under the federal system, what is the final authority?
Rhode Island
Which state used its colonial charter as its constitution?
What movement influenced the Constitutions architects?
Veto Laws
How can the President check the Congress?
Which state was the first to approve the Constitution?