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This Repadmin command Initiates recalculation of the incoming replication topology by the KCC on the specified domain controllers


This Repadmin command specifies the Password Replication Policy (PRP) for read-only domain controllers (RODCs)


This Repadmin command shows inbound replication requests that must be processed by the domain controller tobecome current with its replication partners


This Repadmin command initiates replication of a directory partition between the two specified domain controllers


This repadmin command Performs replication of a single object between two domain controllers with a common directory partition


This repadmin command provides a summary report of domain controllers that fail incoming or outbound replication


This repadmin command begins replication of passwords belonging to specified users from a source domain controller to an RODC

This repadmin command shows an object's attributes


This repadmin command displays replication information about an object such as the attribute ID, version number, update sequence numbers (USNs), globally unique identifier (GUID) of the originating server, and date and time stamps


This repadmin command shows the replication status of the specified domain controller, including when it last attempted inbound replication


This repadmin command Provides the highest USN (Update Sequence Number) that Active Directory has committed on the specified domain controller


This repadmin command synchronizes the domain controller with each of its replication partners


This command-line tool tool enables you to perform a number of tests related to DNS name resolution and replication.


  • dcdiag /test:VerifyReplicas

Thought Experiment: Your consulting firm has been asked to review the physical Active Directory topology of a client and make adjustments to its replication strategy to meet some new requirements. The client company has offices throughout the country, with multiple offices in most states.

Your client wants to limit replication traffic to an hour before and an hour after business hours. Due to time zone differences, the client has not been able to implement this requirement without a high amount of management workload. How could the client implement these changes with minimal effort?

  • Configuring site links that include the sites for a specific time zone and then configuring the replication schedule for these site links enable you to configure replication based on office hours.
Thought Experiment: Your consulting firm has been asked to review the physical Active Directory topology of a client and make adjustments to its replication strategy to meet some new requirements. The client company has offices throughout the country, with multiple offices in most states.

Any changes to the Active Directory domain structure or schema are managed by an administrative team at corporate headquarters. The client wants to ensure that these types of changes occur as efficiently as possible. How could you ensure that the administrative team at corporate headquarters can make changes to the Active Directory domain and schema structure with the greatest eficiency

  • Changes to the schema should be made in the same location as the domain controllerperforming the schema operations master role.

Which scenario is the best it for a shortcut trust?

Shortcut trusts are used to facilitate authentication requests from one domainto another. Rather than having to traverse the forest hierarchy, authenticationrequests can be referred directly to the appropriate domain controllers.

After configuring site links between three sites (with only one site being contained in both site links), you notice that objects are not being replicated between the two sites that aren’t directly connected, even after multiple replication intervals. How could this happen?

If replication to one site is dependent on another, each directory partition should be represented in the site acting as the intermediary.

Which option best describes replication within a single site?

Replication within a single site uses a ring topology for each directory partition whether it is a domain, application directory, schema, or configuration partition

Users complain that they cannot use their accounts after password resets by thecorporate help desk. They state that their accounts become usable after a period ofapproximately one hour. What might cause this?

When an object is modified on a domain controller in one site, the changes must be replicated to be reflected on other domain controllers. With intersite replication, this process can take some time. This replication latency can occasionally cause authentication or authorization issues.

How can latency in intersite replication be reduced?

  • Reducing the number of steps in the replication process, either throughnew site links or site link bridges, should help reduce replication latency.
  • Although more frequent replication helps reduce latency, it can increasethe workload on bridgehead servers’ network utilization over WAN links.
After selecting two domain controllers as preferred bridgehead servers, you notice that some objects within the site are not being updated properly when changes are made in another site. What might be causing this behavior?
  • If the preferred bridgehead servers do not host a copy of all directorypartitions within the site, the domain controllers containing other domain partitionscannot receive updates from other sites.

What conditions must be met for replication to occur across a site link bridge?

  • Sites that perform replication through a site link bridge must share adirectory partition.
  • Replication across a site link bridge can occur only if both site links havea simultaneous replication period.
After you configure site links and site link bridges, what other step must you complete to constrain replication traffic to these defined site links and site link bridges?
Selecting the Bridge All Site Links check box results in replication beingunconstrained between all sites in the forest.

What command is used to show inbound replication requests?

The /queue switch for repadmin shows inbound replication requests for a domain controller.

Which command can be used to force replication of an object between two domaincontrollers?

The /replsingleobj option enables you to specify an object and two domain controllers, replicating the object between the source and target domain controllers.