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Although children of a certain age exhibit many of the same characteristics, they also display marked differences in abilities and personalities. This is due to ____.

environmental influences

Teachers generally begin the year by planning ____.

what they know about the age level they are teaching

Children who are talkers and love to chatter have the type of learning style called ____.


ADHD is ____.

more often diagnosed in boys than in girls

Public Law 94-142 is important because it ____.

guarantees free public education to disabled persons from 3 to 21 years of age

Asperger syndrome is _____.

a developmental disorder linked to autism characterized by impaired social functioning

Eight-year-olds ____

like to explain ideas

A young child gains control over _________ before mastering finger control.

gross motor skills

The infant learns to play peek-a-boo around the age of _____.

6 months

Two factors that combine to create the unique and individual person are ____.

environment and genes

A common name for attention deficit disorder is _____.


Planning for children with exceptionalities always begins by looking at ______________ development.


The most common type of learning disorder found in young children is _____.


Effective guidance strategies for children with ADHD include _____.

consistent rules and routines

realistic expectations

time for transitions

PL 99-457 provides funds for _____.

infants and toddlers and three to five year olds

Disabilities that may be encountered when teaching are _____.

ADHD Learning disabilities Asperger’s syndrome

Creatively, 8-year-olds _____.

have a great imagination enjoy riddles, limericks, knock-knock jokes like to explain ideas develop visual acuity and fine motor skills together

Three common types of learning styles found in children are _____.

visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

Children all over the world have universal characteristics. They include _____

the same needs developmental stages developmental goals

Word Pictures—or age-level charts—are valuable tools because they ____.

help teachers know what to expect and when

A child who is able to draw a recognizable person is about ____ old.

5 years

child who observes family rules would be at which age level?

6 years

Having a vocabulary of 5 to 50 words would place a child at which age level?

18 months

If a child is ritualistic, he or she would be ____ old.

2 years

Asking why, when, and how would put a child at an age level of ____.

4 years