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Nervous System

Made up of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system

Central nervous system

made up of the brain and spinal cord

Peripheral nervous system

made up of the somatic and autonomic nervous system

Somatic nervous system

mostly voluntary and some reflex actions

Autonomic nervous system

made up of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

Antagonistic harmony

they affect many of the same structures but exert the opposite effect on them.

Sympathetic nervous system

prepares the body for action, fight or flight

Parasympathetic nervous system

calms the body down, rest and digest

Two main areas that make up the central core of the brain

cerebellum and medulla

Function of the cerebellum

controls balance and muscular co-ordination

Function of the medulla

controls many essential life processes such as breathing and heart rate

Functions of the limbic system

memory formation, emotions, pleasure centres

corpus callosum

bundle of fibres that connects the two hemispheres of the cerbral cortex

sensory areas of the brain

receives information from the body's receptors

association area

they analyse and interpret these impulses, make sense of them and make decisions.

motor area

receive information from the association area and carry out orders by sending motor impulses to the appropriate effector.

distinct regions

particular areas of the brain perform particular functions