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What is the mission of the Tank Battalion?
-To close with and destroy the enemy by using armor protected fire power, shock effect, and manuever, and to provide anti-mechanized fire in support of the Marine Division.
What does a typical Tank Battalion consist of?
-H&S Company
*1 Anti-Tank Platoon
-3 Anti Tank Sections
-2 Anti Tank Squads
*1 Scout Platoon
-2 Scout Sections
-2 Scout Squads

-4 Tank Companies
*3 Tank Platoons

-Company HQ
What is the basic tactical unit by which the Tank Battalion accomplishes its mission?
-Tank company
What provides anti-mechanized support to the Division?
-Anti tank platoon
How many M1A1 Tanks does a Tank Battalion have?
How many TOW weapon systems does a Tank Battalion have?
How many M88A1 Tank Recovery Vehicles does the Tank Battalion have?
How many M1A1?
How many TOWs?
How many M88A1 Tank Recovery Vehicles?
The tank Battalion is best employed as?
However, the division commander may do what?
-A maneuver force without detaching units.
-task organize tanks, infantry, and other divisions based on mission, enemy, terrain, weather, troops and available time.
Employment of the tank battalion must take advantage of what?
-Speed, mobility, and fire power of the organization.
What is the cruising range of the M1A1 without NBC system?
-289 miles
What is the crusing range of the M1A1 with NBC system?
-279 miles
What is the maximum speed of M1A1 (governed)?
-42 MPH
What is the cross country speed of the M1A1?
-30 MPH
What is the crew of the M1A1?
-4 man crew
-Driver, loader, gunner, tank commander
What warheads are the M1A1 capable of delivering?
-Kinteic energy (sabot) rounds
-Chemical energy (heat) rounds
What is the main weapon of the M1A1?
-120 mm M256 Smoothbore maingun
What are the secondary weapons of the M1A1?
-M2 .50 cal
-M240 7.62 MM
What are improvements of the M1A1?
-Deep Water Forging Fit (DWFK)
-Position Location Reporting System (PLRS)
-Digital Electronic Control Unit (DECU)
-NBC overpressure system
-Battlefield Override
-Smoothborne maingun
-Improved armor
-enhanced ship tie down
What does DWFK stand for?
-Deep Water Fording Fit
What does PLRS stand for?
-Position Location Reporting System
What does DECU stand for?
What does it do?
For the M1A1
-Digital Electronic Control Unit
-Fuel efficiency
What is the M1A1 compatible with?
-All US NAVY amphibious ships (including the LCAC)
-and Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS)
What does TOW stand for?
-Tube launched, Optically tracked, wire guided missile weapon system.
What is the mission of the TOW?
-Engage and destroy enemy armored vehicles, primarily tanks.
-Second mission is to destroy other point targets such as non armored vehicles, crew served weapons and launchers
What is the maximum effective range of the TOW weapon system?
- 2.33 miles (3.75 k)
When was the TOW weapon system fielded?
The TOW weapon system will operate in __________ conditions and on the _________ battlefield.
-All weather conditions
-Dirty battle field
The TOW 2 launcher is compatible with what?
-All TOW missiles
The TOW 2 Weapon system is composed of what?
-Reusable launcher
-missile guidance set
-Sight system
Where can the TOW 2 Weapon system be mounted?
How long is the maintenance free storage life of the TOW 2 weapon system?
-20 years
What is the name of the recovery vehicle of the Main Battle Tank?
-M88A1E1 HRV (Hercules Recovery Vehicle)
What are improvements of the M88A1E1 HRV?
-Upgraded power pack (engine and transmission)
-Higher WINCH AND HOIST capabilities
-Increased TOW/BREAKING capabilities
-Increased ARMOR
-Additional weight (70 TONS)
-Power assisted BRAKES
-AUXILLERY POWER unit to operate components without running the engine.
How is the M88A1E1 HRV transportable?

In accordance with who?

-Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency
What is the nonclemature of the tank Recovery Vehicle?
What does HRV stand for?
-Hercules Recovery Vehicle
What does AVLB stand for?
-Armored Vehicle Launching Bridge
What is the nonclemature of the AVLB?
What is the M60A1 used for?
-Launching a receiving a 60 foot scissor type bridge.
What are the three major sections of the M60A1 AVLB?
The bridge of the M60A1, when emplaced is capable of supporting what?
-Tracked and wheeled vehicles with load bearing up to Class 60.
The roadway width of the 60A1 AVLB is what?
-12 feet 6 inches
What is the legnth of the AVLB?
-60 feet
The M60A1 AVLB bridge can be emplaced in how long?
2-5 minutes
The M60A1 AVLB bridge can be retrieved in how long?
-10 minutes under armor