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The driver should always ______ the emergency vehicle prior to starting and moving it for any reason.
If a vehicle is equipped, when should it be placed into all wheel drive?
Before proceeding off-road
When driving in an off road apparatus how should you drive over a hill?
Go straight up the hill; do not angle across the face of a steep hill.
Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, IFSTA suggests tha the causes of all fire apparatus crashes can be grouped into one of what five catagories?
1. Improper backing of apparatus.
2. Reckless driving by the public.
3. Excessive speed by the fire apparatus driver.
4. Lack of driving skill and experiance by the fire apparatus driver.
5. Poor aparatus design, or maintenance.
There are more than ______ roadway deaths in the United States annually.
In review of th data in the USFA Fire Fighter Fatality in the United States reports from 1990 to 2000 showed that __% of firefighters who died in motor vehicle crashes were killed in privately owned vehicles.
Term used to describe the emotional reaction of emergency vehicle operators when they begin to feel a sense of power and urgency that blocks out reason and prudence drivrs begin to go faster and faster.
The majority of emergency vehicle crashes occur when what?
Warning lights and sirens are in use.