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Come by


Come by an idea

Come of

Belong to

Rita comes of a family of chutiyas.

Come off

Get separated, fade, take place as arranged

Plaster had come off the wall.

The handle come off the suitcase.

Come over

Overcome / get over

You can come over your problems by honest means.

Come round

Agree / recover from illness

She did not let me do that but after a few moments she came round.

Come upon

Come across / get by chance

My friend came upon the evidence just by chance.

Cope with


They coped with their problems cheerfully.

a) Ego = b) Egoist = c) Egotist = d) Egocentric = e) Egomania = f) Alter ego =

A) self-concept

B) one who believes in self advancement

C) one who talks about his accomplishments

D) devotedly self-centered

E) self-madness

F) A very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

[In the rating of egoism: egomaniacal > egocentric > egotist > egoist]

2. Dexter (right hand):

a) Dexterous =

b) Dextral =

c) Ambidextrous =

d) Dextrorse =

e) Dextrocardia =

skillful/ adroit

of or on the right; clockwise

equally skillful with each hand

Spiraling upward from left to right

Abnormal condition where the heartis located toward the right side of the chest

[In Latin, Dexter = right hand and Sinister = Left hand. In English, Sinister = evil/ dangerous In French, droit = right hand and Gauche = Left hand. In English, Gauche = clumsy/ tactless]

3. Anthropos (mankind):

a) Anthropology = b) Philanthropy = c) Misanthrope =

study of mankind

love for mankind

one who hates his fellow mortals

4. Gyne (woman):

a) Misogynist = b) Gynecologist =

one who hates women

doctor specializing in female disorders

5. Gamos (marriage):

a) Monogamy = b) Polygamy = c) Bigamy = d) Misogamy =

system of having one mate at a time

social custom of plurality of marriages

legal crime of having more than one spouse

hatred of marriage

6. Misein (to hate):

a) Misanthropy = b) Misogyny = c) Misogamy =

hatred of mankind

hatred of women

hatred of marriag