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Is a category of people who share inherited physical characteristics and who are perceived by others as being a distinct group
The set of cultural characteristics that distinguishes one group from another group
Individuals who share common cultural background and a common sense of identity
Ethnic group
Is a category of people who share physical characteristics or cultural practices that result in the group being denied equal treatment
Minority group
5 characteristics that distinguish minority groups
1.) physical or cultural differences from superior group 2.) victims of unequal treatment at the hands of doiminte group. 3.) group is ascribed status. 4.) group shares strong bond and a sense of group loyalty. 5. Practice endogamy- marriage within group
Is the denial of equal treatment to individuals based in their group membership
Is an unsupported generalization about a category of people
Discrimination upheld by law
Legal discrimination
Discrimination that is outgrowth of the structure of society
Institutionalized discrimination
Is a prediction that results in behavior that makes the prediction come true
Self-fufilling prophecy
The belief that ones own race is naturally superior to another race or ethnic group
Is an oversimplified exaggerated or unfavorable generalization about a category of people
The practice of placing the blame for ones troubles on an innocent group
Is prejudiced and openly discriminatoyy
Active bigot
Is prejudiced but is afraid to discriminate because of societal pressures
Timid bigot
Not prejudiced but discriminates anyway because if societal pressure
Fair wether liberal
Not prejudiced and doesn't discriminate
All wether liberal
The blending of culturally distinct ethnic groups into a single group with a common culture
Allow each group in society to keep it's unique cultural identity
Cultural pluralism
The maintaining of control over a group through force
Ownership of one group of people by another group
The physical separation of a minority group from dominant group
Segregation based on laws
De jure
Segregation based on informal norms
De facto
When the goal is to exterminate a whole race
White rthnics
Europe and other places were called