Ways in Which the Nazis Tried to Eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 and On

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Ways in Which the Nazis Tried to Eliminate all Jews in Europe from 1941 and On

The Second World War began on the 1st September 1939: whilst Hitler had been strengthening his control within Germany, he had also been reinforcing Germany’s position within Europe. He had reclaimed parts of Germany in 1935; in 1938, he had annexed Austria, and part of Czechoslovakia ( which he totally invaded in 1939 ). World leaders, desperate to avoid another war, had hoped that by allowing him to do this, he would be satisfied.

The Nazis’ territorial gains of Poland gave them control over more Jews, but this did not mean that they were all treated the same. In East Poland, the Jews were publicly killed. Many were
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When invading the Soviet Union, Nazis faced a huge conflict on the western front; whereas on the eastern, Hitler ordered his men to destroy everything in view. His soldiers were ordered to “ fight without rules- do not restrict your power”.

When entering the Soviet Union, The Nazis came across hundreds of thousands of Eastern Jews. It was now time to act.

Heindrich Himmler, the head of the SS, appointed Reinhard Heydrich as the head-in-charge of the Einsatzgruppen. Heydrich advised his men, that purges, executions and murders against the unwanted Jews, were to be secretly encouraged by the Germans- and not stopped.

Heydrich was in charge of 4 groups of Einsatzgruppen - each group led by a highly educated German. At first, the Einsatzgruppen inflicted small-scale humiliations and massacres on the Jews in Central Europe.

When Germany invaded the USSR in 1941, the Einsatzgruppen started an organized, sweeping massacre of all Jews, from Poland across all the occupied areas of the USSR. Going from village to village, and ghetto to ghetto, the Einsatzgruppen rounded up all the Jews. Those who seemed as though they might be useful as slave labourers, were sent to concentration camps- prison systems set up to hold people who were considered a danger or

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