The Roman War Machine Essay

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The roman war machine draws definitive lines between what is human and what is natural through their military camp. Polybius describes the roman military system as diametrically organized to that of the Greek. Whereas the Greeks “adapt the camp to the natural advantages of the ground”, the Romans impose themselves upon their surroundings. Every camp is uniform in order to expedite communication and organization. From the location of the consul’s flag, an entire camp, without instruction, can materialize with the homogeneity equivalent of the factory mass production of the Industrial Revolution. The Romans quite physically impose order onto a land that is foreign to them. Thus, the Romans turn a land or world that is chaotic into a …show more content…
Lucretius depicts the relationship between what is human and what is natural, specifically the human fears of natural death and the motives inspired by this end, as fictitious and detrimental. He attempts to free men of this toxic relationship: “For as soon as your philosophy, sprung from your divine mind, begins to give voice to the nature of things, the mind’s terrors dissipate, the walls of the world dissolve, I see things carried along through the whole void” (3.14-17). He argues that death is nothing to man since all that man fears losing in death is desires of the living and man has no desire when he is dead. He postulates that man is made of atoms which do not die, but are rearranged upon the death of man into another form: “For what is changed is dissolved, and therefore passes away” (3.756-7). This, Lucretius states, is the key to setting man free from detrimental moods and motives: “This fear throws human life into deep and utter confusion, staining everything with the black darkness of death, and leaves no pleasure clear and pure” (3.38-40). The end or rather death motivates people to avoid “low social standing and bitter poverty” as they are seen “to be a kind

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