The Life of Saint Birgitta Essay

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It is rare in history, especially in the late medieval ages, to find a woman who is able to find her own way and make a name for herself without the aid of a man. However, Birgitta Bigersdotter did exactly that; she realized her potential and with the visions from God she was blessed with, she used everything she had and rose to become “one of the great saints of Scandinavia” (Lindqvist 71). Birgitta was the only woman in the fourteenth century who was made a saint and the only woman to start her own monastic order that is still relevant today (Morris 1). Saint Brigitta overcame the limitations placed on women of this era by turning toward religion. By proving her piety and “on the basis of an acknowledged sanctity and a theocratic …show more content…
Brigitta Birgersdotter was born in 1303 into a wealthy family. However, she was not born into just any wealthy Swedish family, no, her her father was Birger Persso, one of the richest men in the country. She was related to the Swedish royalty through her mother and her father was a “lagman” or a lawman in Uppland, Sweden (Lindqvist 71). Birgitta did not speak for the first years of her life, when she turned three year old she finally uttered her first word. It is assumed that she was taught to read and write by the castle chaplain (Wilson 227). Her family was known to be deeply religious; every Friday her father could be found in the cathedral: confessing his sins, and making sure he was always on the good side of Christ. Birgitta's mother Ingeburgis was also known to be religious, but her piousness did not have much effect on the young Birgitta because she passed away only a year after Birgitta's birth, in 1304. After the death of her mother Birgitta's main female role model was her aunt who was a woman would thought of religion solely (Bulter 9). It was no wonder that Birgitta grew up to be such a fiercely religious woman, growing up in these circumstances. She was married at the very young age of thirteen and when she was twenty-six she had already given birth to eight children. One of these children would follow in her mother's footsteps and also become a famous

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