The Life of Frank Herbert Essay

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Frank Herbert was a science fiction author who was born in Tacoma, Washington on October 8, 1920. At the age of eighteen, Herbert ran away from home because of poor home conditions and he was tired of being a waif. He moved to Salem, Oregon to live with his aunt. Next, he attended Salem High School and graduated the next year. In 1939, Herbert wryly lied about his age and got his first newspaper job working for the “Grendale Star.” One year after getting his first job in 1939, he got a job at the “Oregon Statesmen” newspaper and worked a variety of different positions, including photographer. After working at the “Oregon Statesmen”, Herbert became a photographer for the United States Navy in World War II. He then attended college at the …show more content…
This approach did not work for that long, so he decided to drop the classes that didn’t interest him. After dropping out of college, he struggled to make a living. Herbert held many jobs before he finally decided to write. From Herbert’s years “in Tacoma, Washington, and his education at the University of Washington, Seattle, through the years of trying his hand as a TV cameraman . . . and reporter, to the difficult years of poverty while struggling to become a published writer, Herbert worked hard before finding success after the publication of Dune in 1965” (Dreamer). Herbert had to have all of these jobs in order for him to become a writer. He had an extremely tough time trying to become a published writer. It also took Herbert a long time to get out of the poverty he was in. Herbert had all of these jobs to get the money to provide for his kindred. Herbert needed the jobs so that he could save up money to become a published writer. He traveled near and far trying to find a steady job. Herbert’s wife, Beverly, even gave up on her own writing aspirations so that Herbert could have enough money to keep his going. (Frank Herbert Dune). While he was struggling with poverty, Herbert found science fiction as an escape from his worries.
Herbert was not always fascinated by science fiction, but he discovered it later in his life, and it ended up being the genre he mostly wrote about. Herbert “began reading science fiction in the forties, and in

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