Essay on The Life and Writings of Flannery O'Connor

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Unlike many, Flannery O’Connor only had a body of work consisting of merely thirty-one short stories, two novels and a few letters and speeches. While those numbers are peculiarly low for your conventional author, O’Connor is one that should not be disregarded. She was considered one of the most prominent authors with the basis of Roman Catholicism in the twentieth century. Being born as an only child to a very stanch Catholic family in Savannah, Georgia, in the year 1925, there should have been no surprise that the writings of this woman would be heavily backed by the Catholicism beliefs and practices. O’Connor had a very reserved way of instituting the Catholicism beliefs in her story. Having read many of her short stories, it came to …show more content…
According to the Georgia encyclopedia it affirmed, “O'Connor's master's thesis was a collection of short stories entitled The Geranium, the title work having already become her first published story (Accent, 1946).“ In 1947, she won the Rinehart-Iowa Fiction Award for her novel Wise Blood. Although she was well on her way in the creative writing field, three short years later, O’Connor had her first life threatening attack from lupus, an incurable autoimmune disease, which forced her to move back home to Milledgeville. She resided here until her expected death in 1964. ( Flannery O’Connor had countless numbers of great pieces of work throughout her life span. Among her many renowned short stories is the inconceivable story known by the title “A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” This well-known short story is known for its very religious background and realism. According to Jenn Alves-Jackson, when O’Connor wrote this story she was passionately trying to teach others a lesson about the Christian faith, by adding in numerous religious allegories and realism. Alves-Jackson also stated, “Many critics, as a result of O'Connor's comments about the story's purpose, have been neglecting the realism in this story.” However, Alves-Jackson goes on by explaining the many different occurrences in which Flannery O’Connor used realism in her short story “A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” One of those occurrences that Jenn Alves-Jackson mentions in her critical

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