Remember the Racial Tension Essay

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Remember the Racial Tension
Attending high school has many challenges socially, academically, and athletically. In the years of racial integration these challenges were amplified for the students. The movie Remember the Titans tells the story of how one high school dealt with integrating black and white students into their school and also into a championship football team. The media can depict their own take on how this transition played out. The media distorts the racial tension demonstrated within the film Remember the Titans, as a means to sell more movie tickets and create a more dramatic story.
Because the movie Remember the Titans is based on a true story, viewers are more likely to take the racial situations more seriously when
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Racial tension was present in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971, but it may have been amplified for a more compelling plot in the movie. In turn, viewers form a misconception of the way racial tension actually was versus its distorted portrayal in the movie. The viewers are exhibited with a film that displays a false presentation of how different races were treated during that time period. Another distortion found within the movie is that T.C. Williams High School was actually opened in 1965, not in 1971 (Merron). By 1971 racial barriers and such distinct separation probably would not be present between blacks and whites. One of the football players shown in the movie, Ronnie Bass, can confirm the distortional portrayal of the racial tensions in the movie. The Greenville News did an interview with the real Ronnie Bass and he said, “They (the movie) had a community dived down black and white, and it really wasn’t like that in 1971 Alexandria.” He admitted that the Titans football season and championship did help the community to come together. According to Charlotte A. Jirosek, a sport like this has been represented as the greatest assertion of combativeness and masculine talent, a symbol for social affiliations and male province (227). The young men on the football team used their duty as football players to unite the community to cheer them on during their successful season.
Yet another way the film exaggerated racial tension was

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