Personal Experience at the United Nation Camps of Uganda Essay

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Have you felt the wrath of Satan himself? Have you seen the hell's gate face to face? I have,and you would even know the a slight of how that feels like unless you are me. As soon as i have made my decision, it was time to pack and leave my beloved city of Brussel. With a flash, i arrive at the army camp, signing my name, enrolling myself into a region unknown. As I slowly step onto the staircase leading to the plane, i stopped, turned around and looked at the Belgium left behind me, as i walked further down the stair-case, the sight of my beloved country narrows and vanishes out of sight. My heart, filled with terror, fear, and agonizing pain, but at the same time excited.
As i gave my country great farewell, i soon arrive at
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I started to wonder why people from the same race with the same origin are killing each other, which later i found out it was my ancestors who had started this grudge, when Belgium used to be in charge of Rwanda they had organized Tutsis to be charge, and Hutus and Tutsis were separated by the length of their nose. When Tutsis were put in charge, they did some awful things to the Hutus and the Hutu didn't like it. The Hutu people began to gain and keep it's grudge. The grudge of the people has overloaded and massacre finally out-broke when the president's airplane was shot down from the sky. June 7, 1994, I have been told that there was a new mandate called UNAMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission For Rwanda) and i had been assigned to that division. My commander had been in formed that the first target of the rebellion would be the prime minister of Rwanda, Agathe Uwilingiyimana, 10 of our men were sent to protect her from assassination and yet non e has returned. This tragedy wouldn't of happened if my commander made the "no firing" policy ambiguous.. The mission's vague mandate, created under Chapter VI of the UN Charter was unclear about the right to use force, particularly in defense of civilians. so our men could not fight back even when they've been under fire for two hours. June 15,1994, Today could be the worst day of my

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