Life Structures of Early Adulthood Essay

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Daniel Levinson’s concept of life structure represents different approach to adult development. A life structure includes all the roles an individual occupies, all of his or her relationships, and the conflicts and balance that exists among them.
“Like Erikson, Levinson asserted that an underlying order exists in the life course. But where Erikson suggested that happiness depends on one’s ability to negotiate these stages successfully, Levinson simply viewed the seasons as common difficulties associated with a certain age, the tasks of ones period are not better or more advanced than those of another, except in the general sense that each period builds upon the work of earlier ones and represents a later phase in the cycle(.)” Levinson
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As Levinson theory predicts, they will experience more conflicts before the wedding, and after things become much calmer. Like Levinson, a growing number of develop mentalists view this period between 17 and 22 as a transitional one. Psychologist Jeffery Arnett has proposed that the educational, social, and economic demands that modern cultures make an individual in this age range have given rise to a new development period that he calls emerging adulthood. Arnett defines this phase as the period from the late teens to the early twenties when individuals experiment with options prior to taking on adult roles. Neuroimaging studies have provided some support for the notion that emerging adulthood is a unique period of life. These studies suggest that parts of the brain that underlie rational decision-making, impulse control, and self-regulation mature during these years. The neurological changes of the emerging adult period combine with cultural demands to shape the psychological features of his period of development. Researcher Glenn Roisman and his colleagues have hypothesized that emerging adults must address developmental tasks in five domains, which include academic, friendship, conduct, work and romantic. By contrast emerging adults must approach the work and romantic domains differently

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