John Gray's Men from Mars and Women from Venus Essay

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John Gray's "Men from Mars and Women from Venus"

In his work "Men from Mars and Women from Venus", John Gray explored the intrinsic differences between men and women in a way that has helped millions of people to understand why relationships between the two sexes could be so frustrating. Gray was correct when he talked about women cherishing love, communication, beauty, and relationships. However, he oversimplified the gender differences between the two sexes.
Though women appreciate the beauty in life and want to live with tranquility, they also corrupt by their desire for power, love for competition, and want for achievements.

The premises of John Gray’s essay were set many years ago when all men lived on Mars and all women
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Gray also had some correct points when he stated that women value love, peace, communication, beauty, and relationships. Because of this, women believe romance to be very important; and also value and believe it is critical to sharing ideas, views and life. That is one of the reason they think art, music, and culture are beautiful, as they romanticized life. For example, Queen Elizabeth I proved these characteristics of women. During Queen Elizabeth's reign, there was peace in England even from all the chaos caused by conflicts between Protestants and Catholics. Not only did she value peace, she was also a great patron of the arts. Her reign, known in English history as the Elizabethan period, was an era of great accomplishment in England--a heroic age of exploration and a grand time for art development. During the Age of Exploration, Francis Drake sailed around the world, Martin Frobisher voyaged to the Arctic regions, and Walter Raleigh helped colonize America. Poets and dramatists like William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser helped create the "Golden Age" of English literature. However, it was Elizabeth herself who vastly changed England's standing among European nations. Not only was she a respected peacemaker for her country, but she was also proved to be more. John Gray showed that women are only peaceful beings--a point of view which was true to some extent--but

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