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The Holocaust
No one could ever determine the importance of six million lives, it would be impossible to. “The intentional extermination of six million people has affected the world in ways that we will never know, maybe the person who could have discovered the cure for Cancer or AIDS died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz.” (Fischel, 78). Six million people is fully one fifth of the world's population.
This may not sound like a huge number, but it is. Six million lives all gone. Whole families were wiped out. The Holocaust illustrated many societal conditions in history. Therefore, it is important that we study the effects that the Holocaust had on the concentration camp prisoners.
The holocaust was the principle part of Adolf Hitler's
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German SS officer Bock describes a gassing at Auschwitz saying "There was a sign to disinfection”. He said “you see, they are bringing children now”. They opened the door, threw the children in and closed the door. There was a terrible cry. A member of the SS climbed on the roof. The people went on crying for about ten minutes. Then the prisoners opened the doors. Heat was coming from the bodies and they were placed on a rough wagon and taken to a ditch. The next group was already undressing in the huts. (Fischel, 128).
The first gas chamber was built at Auschwitz I, it was small because it was only an experiment, but it came out better than the Nazi's could have ever imagined. On September 3, 1941, six hundred soviet POWs and about 250 other prisoners were placed into a gas chamber where they were exposed to a rat poisoning called Zyclon B. After this experiment, four newer and much larger gas chambers were built at
Auschwitz-Birkenau. These were similar to the original, only much larger, and they included large crematoria in them. As the death count first started going up, the Nazis would burn the bodies, about four or five at a time and write down the results as how fast they would burn and how much coke was used to burn them. After a while the Germans knew exactly how to burn the bodies. They figure they would burn one healthy body, one unhealthy body, and two children. It was really possible to burn twelve

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