Concentration and Death Camps Essay

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Concentration and Death Camps

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis found their only handicap in gaining total world power. In Hitler’s mid, his problem was the Jews and inferior races in Germany. Hitler was a man that would do whatever it took to accomplish his goal. So he planned a night of chaos which later became known as “Kristallnacht”. He blamed this terrifying night on the Jews and immediately they were exported to concentration and death camps. In these camps, Jews were tortured beyond belief and treated as if they were wild animals. The Nazis did everything in their power, that was inhumane to punish and kill the Jews. Because of the torture and medical experiments conducted by doctors and SS officers, concentration and death
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Each of these camps approximately contained 25,000 people. Bookkeeping was done at each camp. Millions of Jews were processed through each camp and assigned a number. Then they would be tattooed on the left arm(Meltzer 117). Here SS officers ruled with military discipline. Men and women worked daily in tile factories outside of the camp. The work here was not done leisurely, but under strict command and control by the Nazi officers( Meltzer 28). Hitler later came upon the idea of death camps. He created camps where Jews would be shot, tortured, gassed, or experimented with medically. The four main death camps were Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor. Train loads of men and women would be brought to these camps. When they arrived, there was a doctor waiting for them. The people would be stripped completely naked and give up their shoes, valuables, spectacles, artificial limbs, and their hair. Then the doctor would point to the right, or he would point to the left. One way, a victim would be immediately taken to the showers and gassed with Zyklon B, and the other way, the victim would be put to work for the time being( Meltzer 127- 128). Doctors were brought to the camps to perform the most bizarre medical experiments ever. They tested on Malaria, High Altitude, Freezing the human body, and changing peoples eye color(“medical experiments”). For the freezing tests, people were put in below freezing temperatures for up to

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