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Claude’s Life Story

Throughout his life, Claude Monet had an unbelievable talent for painting. With an ingenious mind and the creativeness to paint the sky, Monet created a world of magic and emotions. He set the standards of Impressionism with determination. His painting method brought a sense of beauty of light and reflections to the world, letting it understand where he made his mark in the history of art today.

Claude Oscar Monet was born in Paris, France, on the fourteenth day of November, in 1840. At age five, Monet and his family moved to Le Havre where they had a prosperous business of selling groceries. They were quite proud of the fact that they had a good sum of money coming in weekly from their business. Evidently, they
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Still under the influence of the realists, Claude Monet experienced "open air" painting (Fraser 1). This is when a painter paints outside, in the open air, with nature.

Monet's painting method was greatly influenced by a French painter named Manet. He used Manet's style, along with some of his own originality, to form his own painting technique. His method of painting came from observing the effects of light on a particular scene. Since his method of painting expressed the truth, Monet had to think more deeply into his field of study. He rarely used dark, somber colors. Instead, he used the rainbow prism effect to paint. That is why his paintings express much color.
The color on color relationship worked smoothly on Monet's entire canvas. His eye for color and shadows made him an even better painter. Monet would start a painting by first drawing a rough sketch. He would then place broad parallel or criss-cross strokes and long loopy lines. He would cover the entire canvas, in a first session, in about 1 hour (sheff 4). He would then go back over the painting, defining crisp lines, using an extraordinary range of brushstrokes. They were usually thick, bright, fine, linear brushstrokes. As he painted at a continuous pace, his method of painting perfected itself. Selling paintings became a difficult task for Claude, especially when his new approach to painting was revealed. At first, the public shunned Monet's artwork, considering them

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