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The Boot Camp Debate

In any of today's society no matter where you look there will be some evidence of crime present. This statement derives from a sociologist theory that says no society can exists without crime. The government is constantly looking for new ways to deal with these reoccurring problems. The focus has been placed upon the government to look into young offenders and the style used to punish them. Weapons possession is quite common among the youth, at least in urban Canada, between one-third and one quarter of students surveyed indicated that they had carried some form of weapon at school over the previous year. Data drawn from Statistics Canada has revealed that the number of reported incidents of violent crimes by males
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A1). The government feels that with these military style boot camps the percentage of violent crimes by young offenders will begin to decrease.

     On the other hand, there is another group of people who do not support the idea of installing a boot camp system into the criminal legislation. First of all the idea of boot camps was instituted in Britain. The results were not even close to what the British Government expected. There was barely even a change in the reduction of the percent of young offenders involved in violent crimes. This raises the thought of what will make the results in Canada any different from those found in Britain. The people against boot camps seem to be believers in the fact that jail and boot camps aren't the best way to punish a young offender. "Instead, they said, there needs to be a stronger focus on discouraging conditions which lead to criminal behaviour through school and neighbourhood programs. And when a crime is committed by a 12-17 year old, there should be alternative punishments to jail" (Honywill, 1996, p. N1). The critics of boot camps also believe that to stop crime there has to be a lot more attention paid to prevention and nothing else. "Dr. Mark Sandford of McMaster University, said anti-social behaviour takes many years to develop and cannot be solved by quick solutions such as jail

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