Essay on Writing And Memories Of Life And Death

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We can all relate to stories and memories of things our parents did for us as kids. They shield us from reality. Parents do the best for us, thanks to my parents I manage to get an education. They are our teachers forever holding great wisdom about life and death. My mother taught me about death, she thought I was ready, when I was eight. I remember that night my mother told me that we all share one unstoppable fate, death. I cried that night in fear of losing my love ones. She held me tight that night at lied to me to that night telling me that if we are good god would let us live forever. Parents shield us from death…
The orange thing in the bowl didn’t move anymore. Tap! Tap! The little girl knocked on the glass with her finger “Guppy? Guppy?” The little girl ran to her mother’s room “mommy why is Guppy not moving?” Mother was getting ready for work, “Anastasia you should be getting ready for school.” She told her. “Mommy is Guppy dead?” her face filled with worry. Mom made a face of uncertainty “No Ana, he’s probably sleeping.” Ana was satisfied with the answer, Mother took a deep breath in relief. The yellow bus appeared “Ana are you ready?” Ana had already left. “That’s the second time it dies!” She came in that day wearing her nice suit. She came in the store for another fish and left. Right before Anastasia got home her fish was replaced. “Look mommy, you were right Guppy was sleeping”
I like to think that none of my fishes died when I was a boy. Off the…

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