Working With Groups Of People During My Time As A Camp Counselor

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I have had many experiences working with groups of people in my time as a camp counselor. An emergency situation that I automatically think of is a time last summer when I could not find one of my campers. The camp that I work at has two counselors in a cabin with eight to twelve kids in the cabin. The campers are at our camp for one week, arriving Sunday evening and leaving Friday morning. On Wednesday morning of the third, fourth, and fifth grade camp, we lined up for breakfast after our daily staff meeting. I had left my campers with my co-counselor for the week in the cabin. I began counting heads, and noticed that we were still missing two girls. One of the missing girls comes running down from the nurse’s station, rambling on about how the nurse wasn’t up there. I ask her if the other girl we are missing is up there, but she is not. At this point, I am getting nervous because I know she should have been here by now. I proceed to ask the girls if they had seen her since we left the cabin, but none of them had. I take off toward the cabin, asking my co-counselor to check around the main campus of our camp and to watch the rest of the girls. I arrive in the cabin and don’t see her anywhere. I check in the bathroom, and just when I am starting to freak out, I see a movement in one of the bunks. I check and sure enough, she had went back to sleep. I manage to wake her up, which wasn’t an easy task, as she had managed to sleep through me yelling her name through the cabin.…

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