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The Wonderful Life of Kay Buell Every individual's life has a past, present and future. My life has been developed and influenced by several factors that will be reflected in this paper. You will read about my life experiences and how it has developed into such a wonderful life. My life begin when I was a mere 2 years of age when my parents adopted my twin sister and myself. My parents were on the older side, so their beliefs were conservative and strict, even from the beginning. Since my sister and I had been out of many foster homes until my parents adopted us, it was important that we had structure. There was always plenty of love and stability that I received and that is so important in the development in the early years. My …show more content…
Knowing that a dog's life is being saved and providing a stable and loving environment is gratifying and brings happiness beyond belief. Passions of life do not hinder but makes that person whole and inspired. Depression has hindered my lifestyle for a number of years and participating iin my passion of cooking lifts my spirits. I learned to cook with my mom at an early age and I have carried that into my adulthood. Cooking for family, friends or strangers makes me feel fulfilled and produces a feeling of joy that is contagious. A person's passion of life should be rewarding and a joyous experience. Helping others through volunteer work has been a passion since childhood. My past, present and future reflections have and will always include community volunteering. Reaching the point of mature adulthood by turning 50 was a highlight in my present existence. The spectrum of ideals that were presented to me during this transition was not expected and arose quite a few questions. One ideal that has lingered through m adulthood was finishing my college education. The feeling of disappointment when I failed the first attempt at college and especially my parents, had to be changed. That is why graduation is the only option this time around. Deciding my goals for the bucket list includes the creation of a non-profit rescue organization for dogs. Since this is the utmost passion of my life, my retirement years should include helping dogs find a

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