Essay about Wisdom, Knowledge And Actions Of Life

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What is wisdom? There is not a universal definition of this term since it comes down to personal perception. It may be possible to recognize the word wisdom in a short definition but would not make it justice to the vast meaning of wisdom. Wisdom in my brief opinion means seeing things as they are, to see things in a profound way, and understand the situations that life bestows upon you. Therefore, know when to act and when not to. Be able to modify life situations in everyday life. To have the necessary skills to see the problems in life and not let them affect your happiness. There are different categories that can define wisdom and in this essay I chose three: it is a compilation of experience, knowledge and actions of life.
The experience is one of the necessary tools to have wisdom. Experience and wisdom are proportionately related through age, is what the masses tend to think. Wisdom as we know is a term commonly confused with age. Wisdom can be found in people of all ages as history has told us. There is a saying that goes "wise beyond years” it is commonly used and it means to find someone young but also very wise. Wisdom is the compilation of all life experiences and some have lived many in a few years. No matter how old a person does not define wisdom, as the number of experiences that have been lived. A person who is young, perhaps may have experienced from their loved ones; such as friends, parents and teachers. With this said we should try…

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