What Makes Life Worth Life? Essay

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When I first began taking Comparative Philosophy, I did not have a clear idea of what made life worthwhile. I knew I enjoyed life, and I knew I wanted to continue to live my life, but I didn’t have a clue as to what made life meaningful. To me, the question, what makes life worth living, is perplexing and infinite. It provokes me to think, to regress, and to wonder. Coming into the term, I didn’t have a great answer to this question. However, after reading Zhuangzi, Camus, and Sartre, I have developed a better thesis as to why life is worthwhile. Zhuangzi has shown that there is this notion of an effortless action. We, as human beings, have this tendency to become so indulged, so focused, on this one action that we lose our sense of being; it feels as if we are separated from the world. Additionally, Camus has taught me that our passions are what keep us grounded, despite the hardships we so often endure. If we find a love for music or art or anything, we are kept alive and on this earth. Sartre notes that in order to truly live, and therefore make life worthwhile, one must go beyond their faculties and achieve their transcendent aims. That is, one must look past their inherent traits and strive for their greatness. Through those three thinkers, and their distinctive ideas, I have been able to hypothesize a clear idea of what makes worthy: our passions and our aims.
Firstly, Zhuangzi develops the notion that life is worthwhile due to a sense of being so intrigued in an…

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