Week 3 Essay

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Instructions: Please answer the following questions in the spaces provided below. There is no right or wrong answers, and there are no minimum or maximum word limits for your answers. You will discuss your answers with your advisor when you meet over the phone for your curriculum planning session.

Be sure to fill in all of the fields below. When you finish, save the document with your first initial and last name in the file name (e.g., jsmith_reflection.doc). Then send the document to your faculty member. n Date: August 13, 2011

Part 1: Overall Course Experience

1. Describe your overall experience during this course. What were the highlights? Was there anything you did not feel was useful?

My overall experience was a great
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7. How do you foresee this affecting your experience as an online learner?

I feel that this will enhance my experience as an online learner.

Part 3: Communication Style

8. What is your communication style?


9. Do you agree with the results of the Communication Style Indicator? Explain.

Yes, I agree with the communication style indicator because I am a very easy going and open minded individual.

10. How do you foresee this affecting your experience as an online learner?

I think that this will make me more adaptive to this experience.

Part 4: For Further Thought

A. In the first week, it’s evident that one person on your team isn’t pulling his or her weight. What would you say to that person? Write a post below that you would use to address the situation with the team. How would you follow up, if needed?

The team is currently working on our team assignment, and we would love to have your input. Could you please send us your input because it is greatly needed in order to complete this assignment?

B. You’re an excellent writer, but haven’t written a research paper in 15 years. Identify a topic area in which you might do research. Where and how would you begin the process?

I would do a research paper on today’s healthcare procedures. I would start by researching data online and in the

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