Vocation Is A Calling Of Life Essay

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Vocation is a calling in life, a purpose to what you’re meant to do in life. I believe that vocation can consist of many different experiences that form your calling in life. For me, there has never been just one experience that has formed my vocation. My vocation always continues to expand with all the different experiences I’ve gone through my life so far; I bet that as the years go by and I get older, my vocation will keep growing. I see that the purpose of having a vocation is to be happy, to expand the way you see people and the world. Vocation broadens our world and helps us take advantage of every opportunity we get in life. I’ve had many experiences that have shaped my vocation. Those experiences began from the time I was six years old. Each year I’ve seen that I have gone through moments in my life that have influenced the way I want to live. Throughout my twenty years of life, I’ve gone through my ups and downs, and times of success and failure. Of course failure isn’t fun for anyone, but what I have learned is that failing is way of learning. Failure has encouraged me to do better in different parts of my life and it has been an important part of how I live my vocation. Yet, with failure comes success. Success and happiness are the two major things that guide me in my life and vocation. As I stated before, the experiences that have shaped my vocation began when I was six years old. When I was six, I was in the first grade. I remember our teacher would ask us…

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