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This task I am going explain the process of distributing goods through different channels from the manufacturer to the customers. The term distribution means the process of delivering, storing and selling goods, so that they can be used by customers. (Source- Intermediate Retail and Distribution, Delivering is about what types of transport which are used to carrying and delivering goods, the types of transport is going to be Rail, Road, Air, Water for example rivers, ocean cargo and canals and People. Storing is about where the goods are going to come from and where they are going to be stored. Selling is going to be where you are going to sell the goods
Distribution Channel
Distribution channel is the chain of individuals
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Disadvantages: It can be expensive for the retailers as they will have to pay the manufacturers and the wholesalers. There might be a delay in delivery to the store or even the wholesalers. There might be many problems with the farmers such as the fertiliser for their crops is not good, the harvest didn't go well due to bad weather conditions or drought for example, the farmers are on strike. The retailers are not making good profit which then affects both; producers and wholesalers as the retailers won't have money to pay them both on times.

Independent retailer
An area with one or more location which that is owned by an individual, or a family or a two people in a partnership with each other by that it symbolises a completely responsible for they business or his and the retailers owners have built the business from the ground up by assessing all needs of the store . * Newsagent
A newsagent is someone that sells newspapers, magazines and confectionary. * Wholesaler
A wholesaler is someone that buys a large quantity of goods that are produced by the suppliers which that is passed on to several of producers and vendors, warehouses them, and from there they sale resells to retailers. * Agent
An agent is someone who does business for another person, and the person who acts on behalf of another and agent can have so many meaning in another definition, is a person who tries

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