Understanding Of Life And My Life Essay

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Understanding of life

It was a Wednesday morning after work, I decided to go to the gym with my peers. I fell very energetic and I had a full spirit. My friends called me asking me where to meet. I told them hi hop restaurant so we can have breakfast first then we will go from there.

I left my phone in the car. My sister called me twice and I missed the call. I didn 't bother calling her back. I got home I took a shower and I went to bed. While I was sleeping my sister called me four times I ignored her because she knows that I came from work and I must be sleeping. she called again I didn 't answer In fact I turned my phone off. I woke up around 3 PM, I turn my phone back on then I saw so many voicemail and text messages. one of the text message said: please call me it 's urgent it 's an emergency.

I ignored the text because I was so mad. I got out of bed I went to the kitchen and prepared something to eat. After I finished eating, I said to myself let me called her and find out why she kept on calling me. I called her twice back to back she didn 't answer the phone. I called her again a third time she didn 't answer phone. I started panicking. I said something must be wrong. I called her a fourth time and so on she never answered her phone I said oh my God something is wrong so I have to go there. I got dressed I grabbed my car keys and my purse then I said I 'm going there. my sister lives in Rhode Island which is One and a half hour away from me. when I got…

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