Essay about Tuskegee Study Of Untreated Syphilis

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Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male Forty years ago, 600 of African Americans were horrifically involved in the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. In Macon County, Alabama illiterate black men were taken advantage of and were treated like objects instead of human beings. These victims were told they needed to be treated for having “bad blood”, including fatigue, anemia and syphilis. Instead, they just being observed because of their sexually transmitted disease, syphilis. Syphilis is an STD/bacterial infection that starts off with a painless small sore the can eventually end up covering the whole body and can damage your heart, brain and other organs. Even today, if the infection is not treated can be very life threatening and could easily take someone’s life. This experiment is one of the most infamous racist studies that effected hundreds of people and goes against the whole concept of basic ethical principles of conduct.
The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment study was originally intended to gain knowledge of how syphilis affected blacks, compared to how this disease affected whites. It was theorized that the whites experienced more neurological problems as blacks suffered from more cardiovascular damage1. However, even if this were true, the knowledge wouldn’t have changed treatment for the disease. At the time the study began, there was no known treatments for the disease. As they were trying to discover a treatment for the disease, the participants…

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