Today 's Life Of Life Essay

1878 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
Today is Tyrek’s sentencing. Even though I haven’t seen or talked to him since he got locked up, I wanted to be there for this. Despite all the shit he put me through, I still love him. I would never wish this on him, but Marcus is where my hearts at. Since Tyrek been in jail, it gave me a clear vision on where I want to be. I will always love Tyrek, because we were more than lovers, we were friends. However, I’m in love with Marcus. Marcus is everything I ever wanted in a man, he’s who I deserve.

As I walked in the courtroom with Mrs. Huggins, I looked at Tyrek, who looked like he’s been through hell. He had a full beard, he needed a haircut, and he looked like he hasn’t been sleeping. As we sat down behind him, he looked back, mouthed hi to his mother. Then he looked at me with the coldest eyes and turned around. “All rise,” the bailiff demanded as the judge walked in. “You may be seated. Case 230567 please stand.” Both Tyrek and his lawyer stood as the judge said, “How do you plea?” “Not Guilty your honor.” The judge then looked at Tyrek and said, “By pleading not guilty, you are taking this case to trial. Once this case goes to trial the sentencing stipulations will change from a minimum of five years to a minimum of ten, do you understand?” As Tyrek’s lawyer proceeded to answer, Tyrek stopped him and whispered something in his ear. Minutes later the lawyer requested a minute to brief with his client. The judge granted the requested and the lawyer and…

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