Thinking Back On My Life Essay

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Thinking back on my life, I have no regrets for the actions I took and the paths I followed. Starting from college and progressing through residency despite the obstacles life threw. I now watch the sunset each night through my glass house. When I step out, I can smell fresh waters mixed with flowers and a hint of happiness. Sitting by the still waters mirroring my every move and also my internal movement. I can finally say I am as still and at peace with myself than I will ever be.
Going to college, majoring in Biology, opened new doors for me to experience different settings and different people. It was a fresh start with a fresh beginning. Most of my classes were filled with hundreds of people: no one knew me and I knew no one. Lost in my thoughts, I found it difficult to concentrate in class where the teacher lectured for an hour and thirty minutes. A year passed by and I still struggled to stand on my own two feet. I was weighed down by financial problems, schoolwork, and distractions. On the contrary, I finished college with my Bachelor 's degree in four years. All of my long nights studying have led to this moment: I took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and received a score of twenty, the lowest being fourteen. I lost my way and showed no signs of returning. I felt as though I was thrown into space without the tools and equipment to survive. Swimming in the mess of my making, I cleaned up my act and started to study more. I took the MCAT once more and…

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