Theme Of Life Values And Lessons Essay

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Life values and lessons are an integral part of life as we know it and are prevalent throughout Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. This 1950s novel is rooted in the town of Maycomb and outlines issues relating to the deep and socially ingrained racism such as the courage and conviction to face opposition, respect for all people as well as oneself, educational differences between the white and black citizens of Maycomb, and finally the important life lesson of standing in someone else’s shoes. Thus, through the analysis of Jem and Scout’s transformation from child-like innocence to adult-like understanding of the world, we are able to garner the large extent and importance that the teaching of life values and lessons holds within this timeless text.

Atticus Finch’s unshakeable belief in the equality and justice for all citizens of Maycomb County, regardless of race, is both admirable, a courageous act, and idealistic. Atticus’ empathy to the opinions of the masses, about his taking on Tom Robinson’s case, is a symbol for his courage. His courage posited, in the novel, as a desirable human quality which is then taken on by some of the characters that surround him. An example of a character who is affected positively by Atticus’ courage is Mrs Dubose, who is determined to break her addiction to morphine before she dies. Both these instance of courage are characterised by the metaphor:

"It 's when you know you 're licked before you begin," says Atticus, "but you begin…

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