The World Is Our Your Life Essay

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In life we have to make choices. We have to make choices on what we eat, what we wear and eventually we have to make a choice on what we want to do in life. In our adolescence years our hormones are going berserk, we perceive new things. The world is our oyster. Teenage years are the years when we make the leap from child hood to adult hood. As children we are oblivious to the severity of the world and what is going on. All that really matters when your young is getting back home from school in time to watch trash of a television programme that brain washed our minds, yet we were still somehow a little emotionally obsessed with it. As we hit those two digit numbers we are taken on a roller coaster ride full of ideologies, expectations and the evil media displaying perfect beings that somehow we envy whilst they imprint our minds with guilt when we enjoy the necessities of life. When you put life into a perspective like that it’s deeply disturbing, yet everyone contributes. Suicide. Many people bar the thought of suicide. Every day I witness self-harm being glorified over social networking sites. People convict the fact it’s okay to self-harm. I’ve viewed people glorifying self-harm to the extent the term, ‘’self-harm is beautiful’’ has been used. No. No your scars are not beautiful. There is nothing beautiful, fascinating or exquisite about the saddening truth of self-harm. How is hurting yourself beautiful? How is making yourself feel uncomfortable and self-conscious…

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