The Value Of Life Hamlet Essay

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The Value of Life-Hamlet (Act 3)

Activity #1: Quick write (Answer the following questions in a short par. of 5-6 sent.)

What does being alive mean to you? How do you assign a value to life? What makes life challenging? What makes life worth living? Describe a few examples that help show your thinking about how people should value life.

To me being alive, is all I can ever imagine. I do not have a clear meaning for it. I do personally believe that God created us (gave us life), because he wanted us to fulfill some sort of deed. What is this deed?, I have no idea, and this is the most troubling part about having life, because you don 't know what to do with it. Others believe that if you are given life, it should be obvious enough that you should live it. But, Because I’m so stubborn, I can not just accept that all we are supposed to do with our life is to just live, so I keep living, and waiting for the day, when I will find my purpose in the God forsaken world. I guess to me Life is just a movie waiting to hit its climax, at least mine is. The most challenging part about life is the fact that we do not comprehend its meaning. It is a mystery to us. But what makes life worth living to me is the patience awainting of what will come to be, something unpredictable. I believe that people should not be so carefree, they should be prepared and ready for the upcoming. Their are people in the world who take away others’…

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