The Value Of A Business Essay

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Sunshine In A Glass is a name I would choose for a lemonade stand. Reasons why a name is very important for a business is it is the representation of a business. It’s what customers will think of that either bring them to the business or turn them elsewhere. If a business lasts for years to come, a lot of time and money will be and can be spent in building the name. A name is worth a lot to a business. If a business has a mark or stamp that in itself can be worth more than the property or possessions of the business. If a business is going to use a website, they will want to make sure that there is an open domain name for the business. A business name needs to be easy to remember, and to make sure it tells people what the business does.
Mission Statement
Our Lemonade
Excellence is a very important ingredient for hat the company will serve. Using a distinctive recipe with only exceptional products will be served.

Our Customers
The enjoyment and satisfaction of our customers is most important. What is a lemonade stand without Sunshine In A Glass. It’s a time to relax and let customers to concentrate on enjoying their Glass of Sunshine.

Our Place in a distressed ambience, our customers can take a break from the ruckus of the day and enjoy a glass of lemonade. It’s our task to make sure that the ambience is pleasant and provide people with a place to distress from their daily routine.
When there is a mission statement to entrust, companies can continue on…

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