The Use of Electricity and Magnetism in Everyday Life Essays

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Jamie Sivertsen
Physics 2
Instructor Eugine De Silva
March 25, 2012
Project #1 The Use of Electricity and Magnetism in Future Transportation The dependence of our society on electricity is extremely obvious, but
at the same time its easy to forget how dependent we actually are on it. Electricity plays a huge role in modern society that we do not even think about it. We take advantage of all the appliances at home and at the office, all the technologies we use to communicate, all heating, air-conditioning, lighting, and many modes of transportation that use electricity. But they would not if there was no electricity. Electricity plays a huge part in our everyday life and is going to change the future especially when it
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One major new way we will use electricity in the future is to power cars. Electric cars do not produce polluting exhaust gases, and they do not use fossil fuels. Car manufacturers have been experimenting with electric cars for many years, but the results are that these cars are not as fast as conventional cars. Another thing that is not so good about these cars is that recharging the batteries is not as simple as filling a car up with fuel. However, in the future these problems may be solved.
Another possible future power source for cars and many other things is fuel cells. Fuel cells produce electricity from chemical reactions, like a battery. A battery uses chemicals stored inside it, but a fuel cell has an external fuel supply. It can produce a lot of power quickly, just like a car engine but it is much more sufficient. There is an experimental car being developed in Germany that runs on liquid hydrogen fuel. It has a hydrogen tank in the trunk and is filled at a hydrogen filling station.
Solar-powered airplanes, Electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, "Super buses", the comeback of the rail system in countries with severe traffic problems; All of these things, with the exception of the railway, sound like something from "Back to the Future." and are all ways that transportation will be changed in the future. Super buses are buses that can travel over the

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