Essay on The Unhealthy Chesapeake : Life

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The Unhealthy Chesapeake
1) Life in America was brutal
Work there was hard and there was a muggy climate
Malaria, dysentery, and typhoid took their deadly toll.
Life spans in the Chesapeake were about 40 or 50 years of age.
2) Family-life suffered.
Men outnumbered women and competed to win a woman’s heart.
Grandparents were often forgot about because lives were cut short.
Some new brides were pregnant on their wedding day.
3) Virginia prospered to be the most populous colony with about 60,000 people.
The Tobacco Economy
The Chesapeake was ideal for the growing of tobacco.
Exports increased from 1.5 million pounds of tobacco to 40 million pounds
Indentured servants provided the labor for the tobacco. 2) Life for an indentured servants was rough
Labor became a premium and masters became stern on extending contracts 3) By the late 1600s, Chesapeake had grown a generation of angry men.
They were young, jobless and womanless men
The goal was to get land and get married. 4) Bacon led about 1,000 men in a revolt in 1676
Men had settled on the frontier where frequent Indian attacks took place
After some Success, Bacon died of disease.
Bacon’s hope was to leave a remembering fear of revolt in the minds of the upper class.
Colonial Slavery
Over 10,000 million African slaves were brought to America, 400,000 were brought to North America.
Indentured servants were being replaced by black slaves.
Slaves made up on 7% of the Southern population.…

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