The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment And Its Relationship With Governmental Organizations

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Racism in American society has been deeply engrained into the cultural norms since colonialization. Racism has infiltrated every facet of our lives, including in the medical field. This medical racism was particularly portrayed by the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, which occurred from 1932-1972. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and its relationship with governmental organizations represent the idea that racism is deeply engrained in American society and the discontinuation of the study portrays the attempt to integrate African Americans into society. The Tuskegee syphilis experiments were performed on the campus of Tuskegee College in Alabama. The premise of the study was the view the impact of untreated syphilis in the African American population. This was due to the belief that syphilis behaves differently in the black male than in the white male. The doctors in the study withheld the fact that their patients had syphilis and did not disclose the fact that treatment was available, which led to the death of over 72% of the participants. The Tuskegee experiments were based off of ideas that fueled medical racism in America, by its portrayal of syphilis as a “different disease” in blacks. This idea was widely believes to be the truth regarding sexually transmitted diseases, and this deeply rooted belief was entirely racist. A physician noted in the OEC in 1941, “Syphilis in the negro is in many respects a different disease from syphilis in whites.” This conclusion that an…

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