The Truth About My Life Essay

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The Truth When I found out I was pregnant, I had no education, was not married, and had no financially stability, and I didn’t once think to myself “My life is over”. I did not have the slightest thought of “what am I going to do? Should I keep this baby?” Although not financially or emotionally prepared to have a child, I knew I was going to have this child. There wasn’t any other option in my head. I knew I had all the support in the world from my family and that everything was going to be okay. It wouldn’t in any way be easy, but my life wasn’t in any way over. The reactions from my family weren’t surprising. Brother asking me if I was keeping my child, I looked at him with a questioned look like “Are you crazy?”, and he knew then how I felt about his question. Telling someone to remove their child from their body isn’t hard if you aren’t the one who conceived it. The second you find out that there is a human being growing inside of you, made by you and the person you love, it’s unimaginable. I never wanted children. I would joke about the possibility of me getting pregnant and how if I ever was there’s no doubt I would terminate it. Once its real is when you realize this baby is yours, and no one else’s and you love it as soon as you see that pink plus sign. I am not saying that it should be illegal to be able to get an abortion. I am saying that it is not right in any way to choose death over life. I have a supportive family, I don’t know, what it is like to have an…

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