Essay on The Teachings Of Theology And The Christian Life

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Chapter one of Practicing Christian Doctrine conveys the aspects and principles of theology and the Christian life. Theology is the study of the things of God. Part of theology is the discipline of learning scripture in order to faithfully speak about and understand God. Scripture helps us understand the ideals of the Christian life, such as discipleship, faith, and love. Scripture equips us for faithful living and teaches us wisdom and understanding. John Wesley said “No source of theology can be independent of scripture.” Another aspect of theology is dogma and doctrine. Christian dogma is the set of beliefs that are essential to the faith. Furthermore, dogma is held to the highest level if authority and trustworthiness. Vital teachings of Christianity, such as the divinity of Jesus Christ are known as dogma. Whereas doctrine is the set of beliefs of individual theologians based on the teachings of scripture. Beth Jones says “Theology uses doctrine to paint a picture of the Christian life.” The teachings of doctrine shape lives by providing a set of beliefs for living out the Christian life. Similar to doctrine, creeds help many Christians set a base of beliefs. Creeds are the statements and confessions of the faith. Dogma, doctrine, and creeds help Christians discern the difference between truth and heresy. A model of theology used to identify the resources of the Christian life is known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. Through the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, the resources of…

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