The Stages Of Human Life Essay

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The stages of human life
Every human being born, grows, matures, grows old and dies. These stages are a process of continuous physical, psychological and intellectual changes. It is an irreversible and permanent evolution of changes, our body has stages of growth, maturation and degeneration.
The stage of Infancy or childhood is an important stage of development, in which many skills, such as speaking, reading and understanding acquired ideas. During this period children become more precise in their movements, learning to jump or run. During childhood, children undergo important changes in their weight and height so good nutrition is crucial. According to Exploring Lifespan Development, ' 'Nutrition is specially crucial for development in the first two years...Babies need not only enough food but also the right king of food ' '(p. 100). In my personal case, I had a deficiency nutritional when I was infant due to a severe diarrhea. That diarrhea, it wasn 't due for an infection or something viral but it was something wrong with my digestive system that I was born with. I didn 't tolerate either breast milk or formula, so I fell into a deficiency nutritional as I couldn 't be feed in any way. So, It is essential an excellent nutrition at this stage to reach an optimal physical and mental growth.
Second, the early childhood is the stage in which At this stage children acquire physical skills, their social relationships become more complex and their ability of language…

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