The Slavery Of The Normal Life Of A Slave Essay

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Autobiographical narrative that has been written by african-american female from North Carolina by the name Harriet A Jacob, who depicts the horrors of the normal life of a slave, beginning her story with a description of her childhood memories of her family and people who were their owners. Harriet adopts a pseudonym of Linda Brent, and assigns different from reality names to anyone important in her narrative, in order to be able to share the story of her life and probably save important to the author people since the time of publication meant, certain investigations or unwanted interest from the opposing side of the civil war. In the preface of the narrative, the author, importantly explains the significance of her ability to share her story to the people of the free states, in order for them to decide their future, but more interestingly, she was able to set up a tone with a beginning quote, a tone of understanding the reality of the situation as a whole, a certain type of disrespect to the authorities who execute what is needed in order for the system of slavery to function. Since she begins with a description of her family starting with her father who seems to be caring and responsible person, even trying to buy freedom for his children. The story of her grandmother is tragic as well, but through it we can judge the importance of family ties that Harriet was able to absorb from her relatives, especially her opportunity to live among her grandmother and multiple cousins…

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